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How I Ended Up Working for the BC Lions

Career Exploration

Beedie Business student, Ali Najaf shares his extraordinary journey from not knowing anything about the Canadian Football League to working with one of their best teams - The BC Lions.

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The Do's and Don'ts of Working in Sports

Professional Development

If you’re considering a job in sports for your co-op term and, like Justine, you skipped gym in high school to go read in the library, this article is for you.

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Type of Experience: 
Co-op Work Term
Organization Information
BC Lions Football Club
Organization Profile: 
The BC Lions Football Club are the football team the represents our province in the Canadian Football League.
Surrey, BC
Experience Details
Position Title: 
Community Relations Associate
Responsibilites / Tasks: 
-Coordinated daily with professional athletes to organize, schedule and facilitate the presentation of four different community programs to over 150 elementary and secondary schools across the province. Booked road-trip presentations in 8 different cities in Northern B.C., and on Vancouver island. Received classified and fulfilled all in-kind donation requests, approximately 100 every 2 weeks. Helped set-up and facilitate community and operations related events such as the annual Orange Helmet Awards, and water-boys socials.
What did you learn: 
I learned how to employ my public relations skills in an environment with professional athletes, acting as liaison between them and the public. This included working with athletes and kids, parents, teachers, and the general public. This involved careful planning, and taking initiatives to make sure the athletes weren't taken advantage of. Facilitating each school program also taught me valuable management and organizational skills when dealing simultaneously with the athletes, schools, sponsors and colleagues.

Two Guys, a Girl, and a Football Club


I’ll admit it, when I found out that I was placed with the BC Lions for my first co-op work term, I was disappointed; my heart was set on jetting off to Ottawa.

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