How I Discovered a New Career Path at TELUS

How I Discovered a New Career Path at TELUS

By: Teodora Mircea
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Throughout my university experience, I believed choosing a human resources and operations management concentration dictated that my future career and job opportunities will only be in those two fields. With that said, during my ‘seeking semester’ of the co-op application process, I was only applying to human resources and operation management co-op opportunities.

However, during my search on SFU’s myExperience, I noticed a Business Analyst posting from TELUS. Since I was already a TELUS employee and had previously job-shadowed a Business Analyst within TELUS, this opportunity peaked my interest. Generally, I shy away from opportunities titled “Business Analyst” as I believed that only MIS students would have the skill set and competency required to excel in that role. After a few applications and interviews, however, I was eager to accept an offer for a Business Analyst position from TELUS. While it wasn’t in the human resource or operations field, I was ready to give it my all and learn anything that would allow me to succeed in my future endeavors.


Generally, when starting a job at a new workplace, I believe the first challenge is “fitting in”. Specifically, understanding workplace values, terminology and how the workplace operates. Since I had been working for TELUS in the retail sector for about two years, I felt that I would not experience that initial challenge and that my co-op would be more of a transition rather than a new start. However, the call center sector at TELUS was a whole different world with its own language and practices that I had to learn. The first step I took to addressing my challenges was spending the first month and a half attending meetings with operation managers and other important stakeholders to understand the nature of the business, its challenges, and its priorities. Additionally, throughout the term of my co-op, I kept and updated a document with commonly used acronyms and terminology and proactively tried to incorporate them into my vocabulary. Lastly, while it may sound simple, asking a lot of questions and making an effort to learn was the key to overcoming my challenges!


Prior to this co-op, I had the misconception that to excel in the role of a Business Analyst, one must be a SQL and Excel master. Throughout my co-op term, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Business Analysts can have different portfolios. Alongside the SQL and Excel masters, the portfolio of some Business Analysts focuses on devising a strategy and plan to drive initiatives.

As a Business Analyst with a focus on strategy, I launched and coordinated a nation-wide program which recruited agents that wanted to become subject matter experts on a new platform in the call center. The goal of the program was to have these subject matter experts teach their fellow agent peers how to use the new system in learning sessions called “Side by Sides”. My responsibilities included but were not limited to reviewing applications, selecting the successful candidates, devising a schedule for the side by sides and offering training and continuous support for the new platform. Despite holding the title of a Business Analyst, the responsibilities in this program allowed me to gain experience that might be valuable in the Human Resource field.

Another highlight of my co-op experience has been the mentorship I received from my superior. Through weekly one on one meetings, I’ve had the chance to learn about TELUS operations including, but not limited to, organizational structure, hierarchy, TELUS branding, and strategy.


This co-op experience offered me much more than just work experience. I got the chance to network with important national and international stakeholders such as directors, project managers, and operations managers. More importantly, this co-op created a new career path for me as I learned that being a Business Analyst is so much more than analyzing data and creating spreadsheets!

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Posted on August 01, 2018