On Campus Like?

On Campus Like?

By: Courtney Novotny
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Working for International Co-op at SFU has provided me with a wide range of experiences to boost my portfolio and resume. As the Communications and Marketing Assistant for SFU International Co-op, I worked to promote International Co-op opportunities to students. This involved compiling weekly emails, creating television and web banners, writing informative and promotional articles for the Online Learning Community, and facilitating student information sessions. I was also responsible for designing promotional materials for International Co-op, hosting and organizing information sessions for students, redesigning and maintaining the website, and much more! I have really appreciated the flexibility to try out new projects and the opportunity to learn from other co-op students also working for SFU.

Working with the team that encompasses Work Integrated Learning at SFU has also been a great experience due to the diversity and helpful nature of the department and staff. I have found my position at SFU to be well-rounded and it offered me the opportunity to improve existing skills, while gaining new ones. It is also really interesting to experience co-op and SFU from a staff perspective. There are opportunities at SFU for beginner and advanced co-op students and I highly recommend working on campus through co-op because there is so much flexibility and freedom to accomplish your learning objectives.

When I started applying to different co-op positions in Fall 2009, it never occurred to me that I would end up working at SFU. For me, it was important to get out in the ‘real world’ and get practical experience. By taking the position of Language and Culture Communications Coordinator, I gained an immense amount of knowledge I would have never learned in a class setting. My position was created due to the growing concern that many international students are not aware of the services and programs that SFU offers them to help them be academically successful and to ensure that they have an enjoyable experience in university. I was hired to conduct research and collect data to find out why certain students may be having more difficulty than others with the adjustment to university life.

During my two-term co-op placement, I really enjoyed doing demographic research, analyzing statistics, and proposing solutions to issues that I identified as significant. I was given the freedom to work independently and I had the opportunity to make a viable contribution to the University, and that felt incredible. To know that my work was respected and appreciated was priceless. Of course, it didn’t hurt that I got paid well, but the fact that I felt like an important member of the SFU Student Services Communications team was really rewarding within itself.

Working on campus had quite a few perks that need to be acknowledged. My position included various perks from having an easy commute, a gym on location, a very relaxed working environment and a supportive team, and the occasional birthday celebration. Oh and did I mention I got paid to do something I enjoyed?

Posted on September 03, 2010