Meet The Faculty: Dr. Enda Brophy

Meet The Faculty: Dr. Enda Brophy

By: Marianna Adamian
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Having spent well over ten years as a student, Enda Brophy can easily relate to a student’s life. While learning and finding a path for himself, Enda worked every job under the sun and enlisted the help of mentors within the School of Communication to help him get on the right track. With some influence from his good friends who “always had fascinating things to say” about the Communication program, Enda enrolled in the program, but it wasn’t until he took a Political Economy course, that he knew this was the right faculty for him.

Although he would later go on to do important research, write and contribute to many academic papers and ultimately teach here at SFU, Enda encountered the issue of balancing his studies with work. Never formally participating in the co-op program, Enda still managed to rack up an impressive amount of work experience. Aside from working the typical part-time jobs as a server, landscaper and tutor, Enda also worked as a proofreader for The International Fund for Agricultural Development, as well as working as a policy analyst for The Public Interest Advocacy Centre, and, of course, as a research assistant and TA.

" Get as involved in your department as you can...

and get to know the people in your program."

Transferring from a school in Rome, Enda started his six-year long journey as an undergrad at SFU, majoring in Communication. During this time, the School of Communication was evolving into the dynamic place it is today. One memorable SFU professor and mentor, the late Bob Everton, inspired Enda to not only teach, but unite research with teaching in a way that “could change the world.” Making waves at the time with his activism, Bob had sparkedEnda’s interest in making a real difference.

Upon completing his Bachelor’s of Arts in Communication, Enda went on to complete a Master’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication at Carlton University, a PhD in Sociology at Queens and just recently, a fellowship in Political Science at York. Aside from teaching at SFU, Enda is currently conducting major research project on the subject of labour organization within the telecommunication industry.

Through research in Italy, Ireland, Atlantic Canada and New Zealand, Enda is attempting to dispel the misconceptions of what it is like to work in the information society. “It’s really important to get out there and tell the story of how bad work can get, and how exploitive it can be” says Enda.

His hope for the research is to be able to contribute new ideas and strategies for labour organizing and trade union renewal across the world. To the keen go-getters who one day strive to accomplish a similar feat, Enda has some tips. “Get as involved in your department as you can. Join the student union and get to know the people in your program, and always connect with your professors.” Enda enjoys teaching Communication students, especially when they show an active interest in the program and the world around them.

Posted on July 01, 2011