5 Reasons To Accept a Co-op Work Term Extension

5 Reasons To Accept a Co-op Work Term Extension

By: Kit Crowe
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You did it. You made it through a co-op semester (congrats). Not only did you survive, but for some strange reason, they seem to like you.  Now you’re being offered the game-changing extension (congrats again).

So, do you take it? What if it throws off your pre-established 3-4 job semesters alternating between school and work? Well, here are 5 reasons why you should accept a co-op work term extension.

1. Looks great on a resume


Having worked in a place for longer than four months reflects amazingly on you. It tells employers that you are dependable, easy to get along with and have a lot to offer. It also says that you are someone that will stick with a job for a good period of time.

2. Time to learn and practice more skills


Four months might not be enough time to master a new skill you may have picked up. Accepting the extension will provide you with more time to continue developing these skills.

3. Take on more responsibility


If your employer is offering you an extension, then they will likely be planning on giving you more responsibility. Not only does this give you more to do, it can amp the level and type of work you do, or give you exposure to other areas or people in the organization.

4. Make more connections


Staying somewhere for a longer period time will not only allow you to meet new people, but will also allow to deepen your relationships with those you already know. All of these connections may help you someday when you enter the scary realm of the real world.

5. Have a better understanding of whether or not that work environment is for you

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Co-op is all about gaining experience and learning what works for you. After my first four months, I knew I enjoyed my work environment, but four months wasn’t enough time to figure out if it was a career choice I would be happy with in the long run.

Taking an extension may throw off your schedule, which can be scary for many people, but the benefits that can be taken away are well worth it. 

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Posted on August 20, 2015