A Career Path to City Hall: Conversations with my Co-op Colleague

A Career Path to City Hall: Conversations with my Co-op Colleague

By: Alexis Tyller
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Touring the new city hall with Darryl McCarron, it was immediately clear just how knowledgeable and passionate he is about his work with the City of Surrey.

A few days ago I had the privilege of meeting Darryl McCarron, Manager of Marketing and Communications at the City of Surrey. With a warm smile McCarron greeted me and kindly toured me around the new city hall offering exciting insight on the building’s many new innovations, such as their use of geothermal heating.

Sitting down to chat with Darryl McCarron was truly inspiring, especially as someone currently studying the field of communications.  Taking time out of his busy schedule to meet with me, McCarron was happy to share the fourteen years of wisdom he had acquired working in the field of Marketing and Communications at the City of Surrey.

Despite his prominent role in communications now, his career path began quite differently. After growing up on the east coast, McCarron attended the University of Waterloo. It was here that he graduated with a degree in Urban Planning with a minor in Economics. McCarron decided to continues his studies at the University of Waterloo obtaining his masters in Industrial Development.

Upon moving to the west coast, McCarron began his career in economic development.  He soon found himself transferring knowledge of economic development into work for municipalities, eventually accepting a position in a dual role in economic development and communication. Here McCarron found himself becoming extremely interested in the field of communications. It was this this interest and passion that lead him to his position with the City of Surrey today.

Working for the City of Surrey is anything but dull as McCarron would attest to. Darryl and his team work tirelessly on a number of tasks such as managing media relations, developing corporate strategy, supporting program and City services areas with marketing/communication concepts, supporting multi-discipline communications and marketing programs for city campaigns, strategies, and events, among other things.

As a student in communications it was truly inspiring to have the opportunity to meet someone in the field and learn about their experience. As I have discovered through my co-op term, the field of communications is incredibly diverse and there are so many different career paths a degree in communications could take you down. Having the chance to meet with and interview Darryl shed some valuable light upon working for a municipality in a communications role, and it’s something I could one day see myself doing!

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Posted on November 28, 2014