Rising Above the Crowds of Communication Students

Rising Above the Crowds of Communication Students

By: Priscilla Sharun
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1. Create a Brand for Yourself

If you don’t have years of experience communicating for an organization, demonstrate you have the skillset and understanding of strategy. Develop your own online brand and showcase your skills with a personalized blog.  Use free tools such as Wordpress or Tumblr and incorporate a professional theme that showcases your personality.  Feature your resume with hyperlinks to the organizations you were involved with.  Create a portfolio section of past work with embedded content from other channels such as SlideShare or YouTube.  Be sure to have your Twitter feed on each page.  Include a personal touch, showing your future employees who you are as a person. This can be information about your community involvement, volunteer roles and hobbies.

2. Tech Trendiness is Your Value Offering

A student’s advantage over communicators with years of experience is that they are (or should be) on-the-pulse of new technology and trends.

Social media: Communications professionals cannot ignore social media. Get yourself on twitter and LinkedIn at minimum and follow industry professionals. Your tweets and updates can showcase your keen thinking and passion for your profession.

Infographics: A big trend at the moment is infographics. Show future employers that you can deliver an infographic by making one of your resume.  “4 Simple Tools for Creating an Infographic Resume” http://mashable.com/2011/10/15/infographic-resume-apps/ Visually, which takes your LinkedIn profile and makes an infographic.  Or, you can be even more creative and try to design a customized one yourself. See example: http://www.slideshare.net/genkedup/jonathan-anthony-infographic-resume2-11709264

Tech skills:  Don’t have design or multimedia skills? It’s time to get some. Ask your friends with these skills to give you a lesson. Challenge yourself to redesign your resume or another document using these tools. Or play around with the software at school.

3.  Be Brave

Stand out from the masses of resumes by doing an informational interview with communication professionals from organizations you are interested in. Not only does this demonstrate that you are passionate about the company, but it also gives you the opportunity to see if your personality is a fit with your potential future boss. Use the opportunity to get insights on their career paths, get advice on your own, and ask for feedback on your resume or online brand. 

Posted on May 22, 2012