Top Three Tips from “Talk the Walk”

Top Three Tips from “Talk the Walk”

By: acproj
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Communication Student-Run Event, March 2012

“Talk the Walk.” This medley of action and words represent what communication professionals do, so it was a perfect name for this strategic communication-focused SFU student event that I had the opportunity to attend.

This intimate event hosted in the exclusive Vancouver Club connected students with strategic communication professionals from Tourism Vancouver, Pace Group Communications, and CKNW.

After hearing from the ten industry professionals present, here are the top 3 pieces of advice I collected:

1. Stay Connected

Often students attend networking events, meet people, and collect business cards. Some may take the extra step and add these new contacts on LinkedIn; but it stops there. If you are truly wanting to network, it is important to build a relationship with them. Meet with them for coffee if they are open to it, tweet with them about interesting topics in communications, or find your own way to maintain the relationship. You will never know where the connection will take you!

2. Try it Out

You never know what kind of communications work you’re interested in if you do not try it. Want to work in an agency? Join Co-op. Want to see what it’s like in-house? Volunteer for a non-profit organization! There are a lot of great ways to get experience and test the water.

3. Research

The communication field will always be changing; how we communicate to certain demographics will change. What should never change is the habit of doing research on what you are communicating. At times you will be presenting information to an audience with little or no knowledge on the content you are sending. Be honourable and be honest in your message.

Interested in communication but don’t know what to do with your degree? Look out for more events like this one and discover the opportunities!

Posted on April 16, 2012