Why Work for a Startup Company?

Why Work for a Startup Company?

By: Karen Ho
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Prior to my co-op placement at ePACT Network, I had been placed as the Communication Coordinator at Research In Motion (Blackberry) in Waterloo. I learned a lot working at such a large and well-established corporation, particularly since I was working with an amazing team.

My next co-op job was a total 180 degree turn. I had gone from my first placement in a large Canadian corporation to local Vancouver start-up, ePact Network: a communications company that attempts to harness the power of social media networks to provide relief in emergency situations. This time, I was working close to home, and knew little about the nature of startup companies, so I studied the job description and judged that the position of “Communication Coordinator” would be similar to how my job at RIM functioned.

Well, here’s the thing I’ve learned – the beauty of being part of a communications team means that work often varies from company to company, even  between positions with the same job title and description!. Sure, I had my daily tasks such as monitoring our twitter account, updating our blog with new posts, but there’s always something else on my plate.  At ePACT Network, things like research, which I always dreaded when it came to writing academic papers, was engaging, and could be utilized on a daily basis (and this encompassed only the first month of learning on the job!) Even as someone who has no theoretical business knowledge, I found myself getting involved with the business/commercial side of things. It was something I thought of doing in school but was one of those ‘I-never-had-the-grades-to-do’ types of things, and with a little initiative – bam! – I’ve got a real, live situation to engage with, and new transferrable skills.

All-in-all, ePACT Network changed my perspective on what it takes to be a professional communicator, and enabled me to mature, grow and develop my skills. I’ve learned so much from the staff here, and I don’t think we had a single day where they didn’t make me laugh.  What I’m saying above all else is, if you’re interested in pushing the boundaries of your Communication degree; consider working for a start-up company. 

Posted on February 07, 2014