“Volunteer for your career” – what does that really mean to you??

“Volunteer for your career” – what does that really mean to you??

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What if you have not got a definite career path in mind or for that matter what if you are not sure what you really want to do? Now is the time to explore volunteer positions that are of interest to you – why you ask – for many reasons.

By volunteering you can get exposure to jobs that you may not even be aware existed and by learning about them it may open up a door to a very interesting career. You may think to yourself, how will this help my career – it is not what I can see myself doing – how is this useful? Many ways – all jobs have skills that you have to use and these can then be transferred as a skill base that future employers can see that you have. You are also able to gain work experience, even if it is unpaid, it is still work experience. By volunteering you are meeting new people and gaining contacts in the community which help you to form a network. These contacts know you and your work ethic. Naturally there is the ultimate reason for volunteering – to help out those that need it. Give your volunteer time to something that has meaning for you and you will receive the benefit of feeling good about what you are doing.

If you are not sure where to go to find volunteer positions check out website as a starting point.

Posted on February 08, 2010