Am I the Entrepreneurial Type? - Take the Quiz

Am I the Entrepreneurial Type? - Take the Quiz

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To what degree do the statements below correspond to you?

1: Totally disagree, 2: Somewhat disagree, 3: Somewhat agree, 4: Totally agree.


1. I like to give myself challenges when I take on a new project

2. I am fairly at ease in difficult situations

3. For me, taking risks is like buying a lottery ticket: it’s a question of chance

4. I am capable of seeing many solutions to a problem

5. I prefer having the final say

6. A certain level of stress stimulates me

7. It is easy for me to motivate others to work with me

8. After a failure, I am able to pick myself up and start over

9. I prefer being my own boss

10. I am not afraid to take on initiatives


If you scored more than 25, maybe you are an entrepreneurial type. Follow the LINK to take the full version of assessment.

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Posted on March 29, 2012