Are YOU Having Fun? It's Essential!

Are YOU Having Fun? It's Essential!

By: Abbas Virji
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Well, it’s that time of the year again. Finals are just about over, and you probably couldn’t be happier. But wait! Did you forget about that part-time job you’re starting next week over the holidays? If so, you might want to remember to take a little break before starting – your life may still be busy, but you can inject some fun. Why is that important? Well, it turns out you need to have fun to be successful, and having fun in an environment that’s not work-related can be a huge stress reliever.

Work experience is a tremendous asset, but there is a time and place for everything. There’s a time where fun needs to be had exclusively outside of work, allowing you to progress in your personal development. For example, let’s say you’re at a fabulous dinner hosted by your company. Being there would probably be fun, but you may be worrying about being judged for your actions. However, going to that restaurant on your own time allows you to not have any reservations about what other people think of your actions, and will give you some time to relax and unwind.

In addition to not having the feeling of being judged, you also get time to do things you love. Whether this is coding a website, building a scale model, etc., it can actually result in some pretty outstanding feats. Just think, Chocolate Rain would’ve never even been developed (let alone receive over 94 million views!) if the creator didn’t allot some time to have fun. The time you have outside of work is time, as mentioned, to build yourself (and your personality) up. You might end up discovering things you never knew about yourself, whether it’s about trying new food or going to something like a drawing class. Having time to do these things may even inform your career thinking, as you may discover a talent or interest you didn’t think you possessed – and possibly something valuable to add to a resume or cover letter.

It might not even be outside of work that you need to have fun. If you’re the type that loves what they do, and that describes you to a ‘T’, do what you can at work to get the most out of it. Check out this article on how this can benefit your work, and what it means for you. Generally, workplaces that are serious/relaxed when they need to be seems to have some sort of correlation with employee productivity, so there’s definitely nothing wrong with having a good time at work. Just make sure not to overdo it and end up not getting anything done!

Going to back to having fun outside of work, you also get to experience everything the city has to offer. Whether this is the wintry, colourful light display at Van Dusen Gardens or ice-skating at Robson Square, there really is something for everyone. This can also allow you to perhaps brainstorm locations for future work-related parties when you have to organize one, or other such events. Here’s a list of activities within Metro Vancouver that are taking place this winter break. Don’t miss out!

Finally, whatever makes you happy, make sure you enjoy it. This might be reading a book next to a warm fire, or skiing/snowboarding down one of Vancouver’s three beautiful mountains, but make sure you have a great time doing whatever it is that is fun for you. There’s nothing worse than finally having time outside of school/work and not making the most out of your break!

So remember, the next time you’re thinking of doing that crazy, outrageous thing like skydiving, or maybe something tamer like snow tubing, do it for the purpose of having fun. Take risks, and learn from them. After all, it’s not just about work, it’s about having fun, and there’s nothing better than learning from your mistakes! Have a great winter break – see you in 2014!

*Lead image: creative-commons licensed photo by herbrm

Posted on December 12, 2013