Back to School! 5 tips on how to survive and prepare for the new semester!

Back to School! 5 tips on how to survive and prepare for the new semester!

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Let’s face it, we’ve been blessed with a gorgeous summer, and all we have been doing is going to the beach and soaking in that sun! It’s great to finally be able to appreciate the weather and adopt a laid-back, attitude and do whatever we want (read: nothing).

However, September is here, and as you are busy checking where your classes are and how much coffee you are going to buy for the next four months, it can be difficult to get back into the school routine. This is where we come in, so here is a list of useful tips and tricks to help start the year off right!

  1. Start sleeping early – this is a big one! If you weren’t already going to school or working a morning job during the summer, we are all used to going to bed in the wee hours, and waking up way past noon, as we were all relaxing. However, it’s time to get into a solid sleeping schedule you can keep to every night so that you can be well-rested for that dreaded 8:30AM morning lecture in the AQ!
  2. Prepare for your classes – A good plan and foundation will ensure that you are set up for success! This includes finding in advance where your lecture hall and tutorials are going to be, as well as finding out what the textbook is, and buy it early. Try craigslist or the used SFU Textbooks Facebook page as you can find cheap deals on used textbooks previous students are selling! Also, do you have a calendar? Start inputting important dates such as when your projects are due or when the big midterm is when you get your syllabus, usually on the first day of class!
  3. Meet new people – Seriously. This is the opportunity to meet new friends who share something in common with you and could potentially be a friend for life. Whether you choose to sit next to a smart-looking student who could help you on assignments or that cutie with the glasses who will help you exercise your communication skills, having someone you know in the same class will make taking the course that much more enjoyable, and thus enrich your university life!
  4. Study Early – There is no point on getting stressed out studying for those exams if you are thoroughly prepared. As you should know already, a lot of classes have intense readings, and it is very, very easy to fall a week behind because you forgot to read the 30-page reading. Break up tasks into small parts, and do a little bit every day. Once you get into this habit, tackling exams and/or papers should be a piece of cake for you!
  5. Enjoy! – Do not freak out as you’re scrambling to finding your next lecture or getting settled into the school mode. There are a lot of things that are happening during the first month, especially with classes, clubs, and friends. Just remember to relax and enjoy everything. The first month is usually the easiest.


There you have it. Five tips on how to survive the back to school, and how to prepare for the fall semester.  The most important thing is to just relax, and go with the flow. Take the 2 minutes to have a chat with a friend you see in the hallway. Sleep early, grab a muffin before lecture, and you should be in the school routine in no time!

Posted on September 07, 2012