Backpack to Briefcase: Léo's Top 3 Tips

Backpack to Briefcase: Léo's Top 3 Tips

By: Léo Newman
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Backpack to Briefcase is a one-day career planning and development conference for SFU third and fourth year students and recent graduates that focuses on providing the tools and resources for a smooth and successful transition from university to the world of work. The 2014 conference brought a number of industry experts, alumni, and educators who shared their innovative tips and strategies.

Léo NewmanAssociate Consultant, shares his top insights from the session that he delivered at Simon Fraser University's Backpack to Briefcase Career Conference for senior students and recent graduates.

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1.  Informational Interviews

From Stephanie's Blog: Informational Interview: A Powerful Career Exploration and Networking Tool

"An infomational interview is one of the best ways to develop a connection with someone in your desired industry, ask questions regarding suitable careers, and recieve some tips on how to advance in your career." Here are some helpful tips for your informational interview...

2.  Gaining Experience

From Kim's Blog: Why Volunteering is Sometimes Better Than Working For Pay

"Whether it be through a Practicum placement or volunteering for a non-profit or charitable organization regularly as if it were a paid, part-time job... you would gain the usual: networking, some work experience and acquiring new skills; but, I’d like to focus on another benefit of working for free that is often overlooked...'

3.  Going Abroad

From Jeannie's Blog: Travel Your Career

"Travelling has a lot of benefits: it refreshes your mind, broadens your horizons, provides an opportunity to learn fresh skills, meet new people, and get a valuable time-out from a fast-paced work life. Here are some of the benefits and skills that you can gain from travel, and how they apply to your career:"


For a more in depth look at the Backpack to Briefcase 2014 conference, feel free to check out this recap article as well as our pre-conference Backpack to Briefcase #OLCChat (slideshow below):

Posted on July 22, 2014