Backpack to Briefcase: Selina's Top 3 Tips

Backpack to Briefcase: Selina's Top 3 Tips

By: Selina Robinson
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Backpack to Briefcase is a one-day career planning and development conference for SFU third and fourth year students and recent graduates that focuses on providing the tools and resources for a smooth and successful transition from university to the world of work. The 2014 conference brought a number of industry experts, alumni, and educators who shared their innovative tips and strategies.

Selina RobinsonMLA of Coquitlam-Maillardville, shares her top insights from the session that she delivered at Simon Fraser University's Backpack to Briefcase Career Conference for senior students and recent graduates.

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1.  Smiling and Conversing

From Stephanie's Blog: The Art of Conversation

"Interacting with others happens on a daily basis, whether it is at a business meeting, presentation, or an informal conversation with a friend or co-worker. Mastering this skill can lead to better relationships between co-workers, friends and clients. Here are a few techniques..."

2.  Following Up

From Nicole's Blog: Top 5 Post Interview Tips to Land You the Job

"From my previous experience, one of the most unfavorable parts of the job application process is waiting to hear back about the results of an interview. Here are some tips and tricks to feel more in control during the interview process and understanding what you should do following a job interview..."

3.  Not Burning Bridges

From Paulette's Blog: Top Ten Ways to Make a Great Impression

"Those of us who work in the Co-op program at SFU are in the unique position of hearing from both employers and students about what makes a successful work term. Here's a list of ten simple ways to get off on the right foot..."


For a more in depth look at the Backpack to Briefcase 2014 conference, feel free to check out this recap article as well as our pre-conference Backpack to Briefcase #OLCChat (slideshow below):

Posted on July 29, 2014