#beCPE: How Being a Career Peer Educator Changed My Idea of Careers

#beCPE: How Being a Career Peer Educator Changed My Idea of Careers

By: Samantha Rosiczkowski
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So, imagine this, you are standing in a room with an endless number of doors. Half of them are unlocked. You can go through any unlocked door, but as soon as you go through one, you can't go back anymore. Now, you have a vague idea of what is behind each door, but you don't know if it is good or bad. You have to go through a door, so how would you choose?

For me, I'd panic. I'd procrastinate. I'd hyperventilate. And then I'd choose the one that seemed the safest. That sounds like an okay plan, but seeing as this was how I saw the work force, it is not the best plan there is. 

I became a Career Peer Educator because I wanted to be involved on campus. I wanted to help my fellow peers. But, mostly, I was hoping I could get some idea of which door to choose.

But, that isn't what happened. I did become more involved on campus and I did get to help my fellow Peers, but I didn't learn how to choose a door. I learned that the work force isn't like a hallway. It isn't a one-way thing and you don't get trapped behind a door. You can change jobs and careers and industries. 

Joining the Career Peer Educators has really opened my eyes to what the future could hold. I'm not as stressed about not knowing what to do exactly. I'm not procrastinating until I'm out of options and I am not afraid to pursue a career that may not hold any guarantee that I will stay in it. 

There are a lot of good things that came out of being a Career Peer Educator and I would definitely recommend becoming a Career Peer Educator, or at the very least coming to see us in Career Services to see how we can help you. 

Posted on April 10, 2015