#beCPE: My Story About Becoming a Career Peer Educator

#beCPE: My Story About Becoming a Career Peer Educator

By: Nader Kassem
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As a student, I am always trying to make the most of my time because I usually have very little to spare. I am constantly searching for ways to gain the most out of my university experience, while still enjoying what I am doing. I will admit it is difficult to balance work, volunteering, and school, which is why I am very meticulous with what I choose to sign up for. One day, a friend who was once in the Engagement Peer program told me to check out the all the different peer educator programs that SFU offered. What stood out to me the most was the Career Peer Educator program.

On paper, the Career Peer Educator program had everything I was looking for. From resume building to professional development, the program offered a laundry list of skills that someone could gain. However, what was not on paper was how engaging and enjoyable the process would be! While learning all these valuable skills, I met amazing people and learned a lot about myself during the process. That is something that is difficult to find in a volunteering experience: The balance of fun and skills building.

Why should you apply to become a career peer? Is it because of the skills you will build? Is it because you will meet great people? Is it because you will learn so much about yourself during your time volunteering? No. You should apply to become a career peer because this is one of the only volunteer experiences where you can do all this and more!

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Posted on March 31, 2015