Building Your Own Business

Building Your Own Business

By: Nicole Strutt
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Have you always been someone who has had innovative ideas? Likes to take charge in a group and wants to be their own boss? Becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business could be right for you! Fortunately SFU offers many resources and opportunities for current students and recent alumni.


Enactus is a non for profit organization that gives SFU students skills in entrepreneurship by having members create successful social ventures for other non-profits. Programs that Enactus has fostered for direct growth in entrepreneurship include:

SEY (SFU Entrepreneur of the Year)

SEY strives to give students at SFU opportunities to expand their business ideas and businesses through two unique programs – Jumpstart and the Annual Competition.


Jumpstart is an 8 week program put on by local and business professionals to mentor and help students develop an entrepreneur mind set.

The Annual Competition

The Annual Competition is a competition that allows young entrepreneurs the opportunity to compete for financing for their own start-up company. In 2013, the winner of this competition won $20,000 in funding to start-up their company. Did you know that the owner of Metrolyrics was a created by SFU student Milun Tesovic and was funded by winning the very first Annual Competition? Think about the possibilities that you can achieve if you have a great idea! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled late August and early September for the opportunity to submit your application.

Successful programs that members of Enactus have created and maintained include:

Hunger Actions

Is a program for young single mothers on a tight budget to learn how to cook nutritionally for themselves.  As well has given helpful knowledge about finances to help them make smart financial choices.

Banner Bags

Gives high school students the opportunity to recycle old banners into brand new bags to use.

Count on Me

Educates youth about their finances so they are able to be financially successful and sustainable in the future.  

Axis Consulting

Offers pro-bono consulting to businesses.

Media Minds

Is a digital literacy program that aims to give ESL students digital media skills like storyboarding, lighting, sound, filming and using basic editing software.

Venture Connections

Venture Connections is a program that gives students from all different backgrounds from undergraduate, graduate and doctoral as well as recent alumni the opportunity to gain valuable entrepreneurship skills and networking opportunities with professional staff. An important point to note is that Venture Connections does not provide actual funding for participants just support and guidance, however it is free of charge.

President’s Dream Colloquium on Entrepreneurship Spring 2014

This is an entrepreneurship course that has been opened to the SFU community free of charge from 3:00-4:30 PM on Friday afternoons of the spring 2014 semester (regular course runs from 1:30-4:30 PM). Upcoming topics include: Social Entrepreneurship, Cultural Entrepreneurship and Indigenous Entrepreneurship. Seats are on a first come first serve basis, and must be registered online. For full information about this opportunity visit the website here

Thanks to the current opportunities offered at SFU, any student from any faculty has the resources to explore self-employment. Ultimately entrepreneurs are the people who create their own paths – and with dedication a great idea and a strong work ethic, you too could have a successful business once you graduate from SFU!

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Posted on March 06, 2014