Future In-Demand Labour Markets

Future In-Demand Labour Markets

By: Abbas Virji
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With a job market that becomes more saturated by the day, staying optimistic about the future is not the easiest task. In addition to having stiff competition for many of the same positions, there is also the reality that automation is taking over many jobs. This may all sound very bleak, but the future holds many possibilities – some future jobs do not even exist yet! Here are some existing fields that will expand rapidly within the next decade (note: these selections are not indicative of the ‘best’ future markets. Rather, they have been selected due to projected growth within the next decade).


As the world’s population increases day-by-day, there is understandably a greater amount of strain on traditional food production methods. And with the effects of things such as climate change beginning to increase in their severity, using traditional methods will not be sustainable, considering the possibility of a significantly lower yield of crops. Thus, plots within the city could become more popular (see: Urban Farmer), and learning about the important factors about growing crops in the city could be very important. This could emphasize the need for an individual with that type of educational background. Of course, there are many other types of future possibilities within the agricultural field (a food safety inspector or biofuel manufacturer for example), but this may be one of the more common careers.


Science is progressing at a rapid pace, and witnessing the discoveries that have been made (a possible cure to cancer for example) is a sight to behold. Biotechnology is “the exploitation of biological processes for industrial and other purposes, especially the genetic manipulation of microorganisms for the production of antibiotics, hormones, etc.” (source). While the market is definitely quite competitive, there is a lot of future potential. Opportunities may exist in the environment, health sciences, genomes, natural resources, etc. So, biotechnology is not just limited to the human condition. Research has been done in making crops pest-resistant, thereby increasing the yield (more info). Thus, there is a tremendous possibility of growth within this field.


Infrastructure around us does not exist forever. Like everything else in life, it ages over time. So, as building codes and standards become more stringent (and infrastructure begins to require some TLC), there is a need for this infrastructure to be upgraded appropriately. And again, due to increased population and cities around the world that are beginning to adopt high-density living, there is always a need for individuals with varying degrees of experience in construction. This could include project managers, quality control officers, home and property inspectors, contract administrators, and much more.

Extraction-wise, there is no hiding the fact that despite oil being a non-renewable resource, there is a greater need for it everyday. With many pipelines in the process of being reviewed or constructed, there is/will (be) a need for experienced extractors. This is not limited to oil either, as many minerals that we use everyday will need to be taken out of the ground for daily use (like gas).


With the planet progressively becoming more sensitive to our actions, there is a lot of merit in ensuring environmental impacts as a result of some type of project are as minimal as possible. Companies want to maintain a good public image while also reducing their carbon footprint as time progresses, so there will be a need for individuals with both experiences in consulting as well as with an educated background in environmental issues (in a variety of fields). For more information, check out this site


As the current labour force in healthcare ages after being in the practice for a significantly long period of time, there may be a gap in the amount of registered nurses (RNs) within Canada. In addition, as the current ‘baby boomer’ populace begins to age, there could be a greater need for hospital beds as well as a greater demand for caretakers in public institutions, including retirement homes and hospitals. The constantly evolving field of technology in healthcare may also mean that nurses could have more expanded roles using and adapting to these new technologies, in addition to the traditional caretaking role. There could be many career options, which might include art therapist or health administration.

Older practitioners may also be retiring in bunches, so there is a large possibility that these gaps will need to be filled by young(er), experienced professionals. Again, as the population ages and visits to the doctor become more common, practitioners will certainly be in demand. This is already evident in some rural communities in B.C.


While technology is a very broad field, there are many promising signs that this market could grow significantly. With many companies beginning to fully embrace the new era of mobile computing, mobile applications, mobile-friendly websites and products will need to be developed by someone with relevant experience. IT Managers may also be in high demand as technology used in the corporate environment starts to become more sophisticated (and thus would require someone with a high degree of expertise to fix). And as a variety of individuals steadily upload more information online, a career like a Database Administrator does seem likely.


As mentioned earlier, this overview is not meant to be a comprehensive guide – rather it is to give some insight into what the future could potentially hold. Even if what’s listed here doesn’t intrigue you, remember that it is never too late to define your own career, and do what you love. The Wright brothers originally used to make bicycles, but their fascination with aviation led them to develop a new flying contraption – you know what the outcome of that was. If you’d like more information about what the future of a specific career may be, take a look at this job bank by the Government of Canada. Enjoy exploring your many possible options!

Posted on April 03, 2014