Growing Industries in Canada

Growing Industries in Canada

By: Tabatha Patterson
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On July 1st Canada celebrated our 145th birthday. While the talk about our economy may have been kept to a minimum out of respect on our country’s special day, there has been a fair amount of talk about Canada’s economy and employment rates recently. 

The ten-year labour market projection made in 2006 also predicted that two-thirds of new job growth would be in occupations requiring post-secondary education. In light of this information, earning a degree of any kind is likely to put you in a good position. Plus things are looking up with the Forest industry alone expected to create 60,000 new jobs by 2020. 

According to Canadian Business, the occupation that had the most growth over the past five years was health policy research. This finding is consistent with Canadian labour market predictions made in 2006 which suggested that over the subsequent 10 year period (2006-2015) the health sector would continue to have insatiable demand. In fact, nearly 20% of the occupations on Canadian Business' top 50 list for best job growth are in the health sector. 

Here in our corner of the country, the arrival of Virgin Atlantic Airways, an 89-acre housing development to be built, and 18 Target stores opening next year has British Columbia seeming rife with new jobs around the corner. Whether you are a recent graduate or at the start of your degree, think about your skill set and where it places you in the Canadian labour market.

Curious about what the future holds for careers you are considering? Use the BC Job Trend Tracker to learn about and compare occupations by projected job openings, demand, new job creation and more. This recently released tool also allows you to browse "hot" careers with high demand (skilled trades and health professions currently dominate the list) and information about all occupations is broken down by geographical region.  


Posted on July 05, 2012