Knowing Your Alumni Benefits - Don't Say Goodbye Yet

Knowing Your Alumni Benefits - Don't Say Goodbye Yet

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Many of you will be saying farewell to dear SFU and to the life of a university student in a couple days. With a degree, the excitement (and possibly anxiety) of the new challenges lying ahead, it would be easy to overlook the importance of staying connected with the school. But, not so fast, the university still has so much to offer even after completing your degree. Being an SFU alumnus will enable you to take advantage of a variety of benefits and services, and open doors to many other possibilities. Here’s an overview of some resources you could be tapping into:


1. A Huge Network - As an SFU alumnus entering the work force as a new worker, having the support of the alumni community is a huge asset. Our alumni base is an immense network of professional contacts –all with whom you already have one thing in common…SFU!   Get involved in young alumni activities and take advantage of the opportunity to broaden your network. Actively participate in diverse social activities and networking events, they will allow you establish new friendships, professional relationships and employer contacts. Create your own social media brand and stay connected through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, Youtube, personal website, etc…

2. Career Services – You are a proud SFU graduate who is ready to take on the world and put your knowledge, skills and experiences to work. Now as you decide what your next step will be, Career Services can help you to:

  • Explore career options
  • Generate ideas on gaining experience
  • Research employers and the hidden job market
  • Create a customized resume and cover letter
  • Prepare for job or grad school interviews
  • Utilize social media and networking strategies
  • Conduct a well-rounded work search
  • And much more!

No matter what stage of the career process you are at, there is so much information and free guidance available at Career Services to enhance your career success.  Book your individual appointment with a career expert by phoning 778.782.3106.  Check out other services, workshops, special events and employers recruiting by visiting

3. Alumni Association – Now you are part of a network of more than 118,000 SFU graduates all over the world. The Alumni Association is here to keep you connected with your fellow alumni and the SFU community. There are so many services and benefits that the SFU Alumni Association provides to our Alumni and here is a small sample:

  • Alumni Email forwarding system – Simple email forwarding system to give you SFU identity and a professional email address.
  • Alumni  E-newsletter
  • AQ Magazine
  • Online networking and offline alumni events
  • Discounted meeting venues, fee to recreation facilities, accommodations
  • Free wireless and library access

To view the full list of benefits follow the link to:

SFU Alumni Association’s Top 10 Tips for Young Alumni:

Keeping Connected: A guide for SFU Alumni Representatives and Alumni Groups:

Remember being connected with the SFU Alumni Association is a mutually beneficial relationship. To read a real life interview with a recent alumni to see why he stayed connected follow the link to Words from Within: A Conversation with SFU Alumnus



Reference: 7 Alumni Benefits You Should Be Taking Advantage Of 

Posted on June 06, 2012