Making the Most Out of Your Next Move

Making the Most Out of Your Next Move

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You have just written your last exam. For some of you that might have been the final exam of your university career, and for others you’ll be back. What are your plans now? Do you have a job? Are you waiting to hear about your graduate school application? Is an internship on the horizon?  Have you considered volunteering? Or are you ready to do a little travelling? Whatever your next move, how are you going to make the most of the opportunity?

Think about traveling for instance. Do you want to try living someplace else, outside of your comfort zone, meeting new people? Maybe this summer would be perfect to pack up and get a temporary job elsewhere.

How can a temporary job somewhere else in the province, a province away, or abroad help you learn more about yourself and what’s important to you? What would the opportunity teach you? Of course, you’ll have a great time, learn a lot living on your own and acquire skills that are sure to help you create future scenarios for yourself. How about digging a little deeper and teach yourself to develop a pattern of observing your behavior? Reflect on the behaviors and ask yourself a few questions:

  • What did I learn?
  • What am I curious about?
  • What did I notice?
  • What do I want to do more/less of?

There's learning in all opportunities. Challenge yourself and make the most out of this summer. You may discover something new about yourself!

For those of you who want to travel, but have no money saved, here’s a tip from someone with experience.



Posted on April 12, 2012