Peeriodical: Be an SFU Club Executive!!

Peeriodical: Be an SFU Club Executive!!

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Judging from my experience as the co-chair of the humanitarian student group called World University Service of Canada (WUSC), one sure way to really enrich your experience on campus AND to enhance your learning is to become a club or student union executive.

Now you might think that the prospect of attaining an executive position is a little intimidating and hard, but for me, well, it was honestly as easy as 1-2-3. I guess it depends on what club or student union you want to actively participate in. Some may be harder to really get involved in than others. But in the case of WUSC, it just so happened that during their very first meeting, I was the only one interested in the vacant co-chair role. I wouldn’t doubt that there are countless similar opportunities like that waiting to be discovered. So I would advice to really talk to the people behind the Clubs Days tables and ask them what specific roles or executive positions you could take on. Many SFU clubs are just STARVING for more committed, active members to help run and operate it. I should know. My club is one of them.

But really, WHY should you become a club executive? Who needs something else to commit to when as a student, you’re already buried under a pile of heavy textbooks and pages and pages of papers. Well, you may have already heard this, but work experience is often pretty crucial when applying for jobs and getting your career started. Through my role as co-chair of WUSC, I’ve gained hands-on experience in leading a team to particular ends, organizing and executing events, co-ordinating special projects, and in communicating clearly in written and verbal form with my team members in order to be as productive, efficient and successful at our goals as possible. Being an SFU club executive is really an effective, brilliant way to gain the kind of leadershp, managerial and organizational skills to complement your academic aptitude, and to have the edge when transitioning into the workforce.

If I have not convinced you yet to try to become an SFU club executive, just believe me when I say this: my life as an SFU student just significantly transformed and improved once I took on roles as a club and student union executive. I honestly never used to be a “keener”. I used to just commute to and from campus to attend class and do schoolwork. It seriously amazes now to think of how much I missed out on doing that. Many people have no idea how enjoyable campus life suddenly becomes when you make the choice to just get out there, be engaged and be involved. I don’t doubt that you’ve heard this rhetoric many times before but I have to tell you, it’s so true.

Posted on January 28, 2010