Peeriodical: Ever consider a mentorship program?

Peeriodical: Ever consider a mentorship program?

By: Helen Kim
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Have you ever felt uncertain about your career and wished you had some guidance? Especially from someone who had a successful career and who also seemed genuinely happy with what they were doing? Well these are similar questions I asked myself and one day while searching online I came across Women in Leadership (WIL).

Something about the name peaked my interest and I checked out their website and read about their mandate. After reading more, I was curious about the mentorship program they offered and it really resonated with me. It encouraged helping women find opportunities and gaining leadership by pairing up mentees with mentors. I applied for the program and I eagerly waited to see if I was accepted and I have to say that I was anxious because I knew they had more mentees than mentors. There was a chance I would not be accepted. It was the same nervousness I felt when I was waiting for my acceptance letter into University. The day I found out the Program Coordinator accepted me I could not be more ecstatic!!

So how it works at WIL is that you sign up and you’re paired off with a mentor. There are also mentee workshops you attend and the topics vary from women and finances; negotiating; networking; and public speaking. Some of the workshops are with only the mentees and some are with both the mentees and mentors. When the whole group gets together, it’s a great opportunity to network with your peers and also with others who are working in fields you’re interested in.

Another plus with the mentorship program I was in was it offered speaker series every year. At the event, they would have several successful women in various positions speak about a chosen topic. Really the event is about supporting each other and is always inspirational. Every time I go, I feel empowered and inspired by what I hear and learn.

Needless to say the mentorship program was…..fantastic, awesome, inspiring, positive. It was everything and more than I wanted. Meeting with the other mentees and mentors really inspired me and on the nights I had our meetings I felt so empowered that I felt in my heart that I could fly.

If you feel like you’re always trying to find your way why don’t you consider joining a mentorship program to network and gain valuable insight through a mentor?

Helen is a graduate of the Career Development Practitioner Certificate program at SFU and former practicum student at SFU Career Services.

Posted on November 15, 2010