Recruitment Season! What's Happening On and Off Campus!

Recruitment Season! What's Happening On and Off Campus!

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So you have your awesome resume, excellent 30-second elevator pitch, and a ton of research on your favourite employers, the question is: Where can I go to meet/apply to these awesome employers? Well, here are a few things that are happening on, around, and off campus! A couple of tips for success: Do your research, ask questions, and keep your eyes and ears open, as there are tons of opportunities occurring everyday.


  1. The BIG Fair – Alright, this is SFU’s largest and well-known career fair. Presented by SFU Career Services and AIESEC SFU, the Big Fair is SFU's largest on-campus career fair attended by over 3,000 students and alumni. It's an event where employers, graduate schools, and non-profit organizations come on campus to introduce career options to students and alumni who seek that ideal opportunity.

    Merging three great fairs into one, the Big Fair features a Career Fair, a Graduate Fair, and a Volunteer Fair.

    Monday, Sept 17 - Mezzanine, Surrey Campus
    Tuesday, Sept 18 - Mezzanine, Surrey Campus
    Wednesday, Sept 19 - Academic Quadrangle, Burnaby Campus
    Thursday, Sept 20 - Academic Quadrangle, Burnaby Campus

  2. Post-Secondary Recruitment with the Federal Government of Canada – Ever wanted to work in government? Well, the Post-secondary Recruitment program is designed and targeted towards graduates (university and college) into entry-level officer jobs with the federal government across Canada. Applications end October 5, 2012, so apply online here.
  3. Job Postings on Symplicity - If you aren’t already aware, Symplicity is SFU’s major postings and event board, where everything from post grad career positions; part-time, summer or contract jobs; co-op positions; volunteer opportunities; events and workshop details are posted. Every student is recommended to register on Symplicity and regularly monitor employers’ recruitment activities and job postings, as employers are consistently engaging and hiring SFU talent. Watch out for your favourite organizations visiting SFU through hosting an information session or table; conducting interviews or speaking at a career event. Did you know that employers usually post on school job boards before listing publicly? Clearly, SFU students and alum are quite valuable! Visit Symplicity here:

  4. Federal Student Work Experience Program – Another government program, this campaign also hires full-time students and provides them with valuable, hands-on work experience related to their field of study, and allows for a wealth of learning opportunities. This campaign also ends at the end of October, 2012, so check them out quick here:

  5. Talent Egg – Now this is one of the sites we here at SFU Career Services like. Not only is this a plethora of job postings from the top student employers of BC, but they also offer valuable career resources on how to better yourself professionally! Check them out here:

Well there you have it, 5 excellent resources that offer you, the university student, opportunities for valuable employment and experience. Whether you have no previous work experience or are a seasoned veteran, you will definitely find something that interests you and could potentially land you a career. If all else fails, do not forget to visit SFU Career Services, where an advisor could help you with opportunities for growth!

Posted on September 13, 2012