Summer will be here in no time... are you ready?

Summer will be here in no time... are you ready?

By: SFU Career Services
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Is winter the time to think about your summer job? Yes! Whether or not you know what you want to do when you graduate, the summer season can help you prepare.  If you want to get the most out of the warmer months, now's the time to beginning preparing to meet application deadlines!  

Here are some things to consider when planning for summer:  

1)     START SOON  

It is best to start early. Most employers start posting their summer jobs as soon as classes resume after the winter holiday break. To get the first peek at the opportunities, START SOON.  


SFU Career Services has so many resources and experience; they will help point you in the right direction for your summer experience. They are capable of providing unlimited range of useful resources and services including: one-on-one advising, resume and cover letter reviews, mock interviews, job postings, and employers on campus who are interested in hiring students like you.  

3)     NETWORK  

You might be surprised at what, and who the people in your network know. Reach out to your friends, advisors, relatives and professors. DON’T BE SHY.  


Working holidays or working abroad, exchanges, can be your option. Experiences abroad provide you the perfect mix of seeing the world while making money.    

Most important thing to remember, when you are looking for summer jobs and opportunities, is to keep your mind as well as your options open. The experience you will gain is not just about what tasks you perform on the job; but also about the skills you build, people you meet, and things you learn while performing the job. Whether, office assistant, camp counselor or sales associate, you will be developing transferable skills that will apply throughout your professional career.  

Just make sure you start taking advantages of your resources – ASAP.     

Places to Consider Looking for Summer Work:  

  • Local merchants
  • Corporate offices 
  • Hotels and Resorts 
  • Tourist Attractions 
  • Golf and Tennis Clubs 
  • Government Job Programs – FSWEP 
  • Park and Recreation 
  • Summer Camps  

Credits to Kathy Kirkpatrick and Jill Latschislaw – to read the full article come by Career Services and pick up your own free Career Options magazine. 

Posted on February 17, 2012