Top 5 Tips to Ace Your Final Exams

Top 5 Tips to Ace Your Final Exams

By: Nicole Strutt
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You know when it is final season when: a) everyone around you looks like they have just survived a zombie apocalypse; b) the student library is actually full; and c) people care more about the coffee that is keeping them awake then the sweats that they are wearing! That being said here are a couple of tips to help you survive your final exam season:

1. Create a Study Schedule

It is very easy to get eaten alive by the marathon of stress during finals week. Make your life easy by making a study schedule to manage your life through this crazy time. This will keep you on track, help to manage your time and show you visibly the progress you are making.

2. Prioritize Your Study Time

Determine what subjects require the most study time based on: a) Weight of the final exam; and b) Courses that are relative to your major and build your study schedule around that. Another tip is studying for exams that are furthest away first, to prevent you from stressing out.  

3. Talk to Your Professors & TA’s

By speaking to your professors and TA’s directly, you are able to grasp what topics you should be focusing on, determining the format of the final exam (multiple choice, essay, short answer) etc. and clarify what you may not understand for the final. After all, your professor and TA are the people who are marking your final exams.

4. Take A Break

Whether it is to see friends who are also stressed out, going for a run, meeting up with a friend, having a snack, taking a break is essential to giving your brain the break it needs.

5. Sleep

While it sounds simple, having enough sleep before a final exam is essential for acing your final exams. While it may seem necessary to pull an all-nighter before an exam to cram 4 chapters of calculus in your brain, the reality is that it could cause more harm than good. Ensure to get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep before your exam. At the end of the day your brain will work better when it’s well rested, why not optimize your success by having a good night’s sleep?

Closing Thoughts

While finals may seem like the most important thing in the world right now, take a step back and understand why you are working as hard as you are.  Find that inspiration, career and final outcome that will drive you to success and ace your final exams!

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Posted on April 11, 2014