Use Social Media to find a Job: Attend our Backpack to Briefcase Conference

Use Social Media to find a Job: Attend our Backpack to Briefcase Conference

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Ever wondered what to do after graduation? How can you prepare yourself now for the “unknown” after you walk that stage? Don’t worry, these are questions that are asked by everyone at some point during their university journey. To help answer these questions, Career Services is hosting their annual Backpack to Briefcase conference, on Saturday March 16th, 2013.

We have the pleasure of having SFU alumni return to share the lessons they have learned and wished that they knew before they graduated!

Some of the fabulous career and work search topics include:

Networking: Essentials for Today’s Job Seekers
How to Find a Job in a “Jobless” Economy
Tips & Strategies on Creating Resumes That Will Get You Noticed
Tweet Your Way Into a Job: Advanced Tactics to Find Your Next Gig Using Social Media

There is limited registration so make sure you reserve your spot now! Call Career Services at 778.782.3106 or for further details visit our B2B website. Earlybird registration is $25 and ends March 8th!

To help raise awarness of this upcoming Backpack to Briefcase conference, we interviewed Kelvin Claveria, an SFU Alumni who is one of the presenters. He will be sharing his experience with Social Media and how he utilized various tools and strategies to enhance his career success.




Backpack 2 Briefcase: Using Social Media to find a job

To promote our upcoming Backpack 2 Briefcase day conference, we have Kelvin Claveria, a SFU alumni who is well-versed in Social Media, who is speaking on March 16 on how to use Social Media to find a job! Here is a sneak peek on what's to come:

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How do you get a job using social media? We are interviewing @kcclaveria to promote our #SFUB2B conference Mar 16! Career Services
.@kcclaveria How do you personally define Social Media? #SFUB2BSFU Career Services
@sfu_career Hi! I define social media as any online tools that allow users to directly interact w/ each other. (1/2) #SFUB2BKelvin (KC) Claveria
@sfu_career In my view, #socmed includes microblogs (e.g. Twitter), networking sites (Facebook, LinkedIn) and blogs (WordPress). #SFUB2BKelvin (KC) Claveria
.@kcclaveria How did you get your start in Social Media? #SFUB2BSFU Career Services
@sfu_career I joined Twitter in 2009, but it wasn't until I wrote this @sfu_olc post that I took #socmed seriously (KC) Claveria
@sfu_career As a beginner, I followed many local pros, tried to understand the lingo. Eventually, I started sharing interesting content.Kelvin (KC) Claveria
@sfu_career As I became more comfortable w/ social media, I started to blog more and go to meetups/tweetups to meet others face-to-face.Kelvin (KC) Claveria
.@kcclaveria How do you personally use social media and what have you learned from these experiences? #SFUB2BSFU Career Services
@sfu_career I use social media to share interesting articles about my industry + monitor job opps (mostly so I can send them to friends).Kelvin (KC) Claveria
@sfu_career I also use it to meet other local pros. I've learned that #socmed works better if you use it in tandem w/ offline networkingKelvin (KC) Claveria
.@kcclaveria What are some of the most innovative uses of social media that you have encountered? #SFUB2BSFU Career Services
@sfu_career I have seen some people create Pinterest boards as their digital portfolio. Some have created Facebook ads and YouTube videos.Kelvin (KC) Claveria
@sfu_career That said, it's not always about being innovative. Establishing your online brand and meeting the right people are key. #SFUB2BKelvin (KC) Claveria
.@kcclaveria What are your 2013 Social Media goals? #SFUB2BSFU Career Services
@SFU_Career My goals in 2013 is to use social media to meet more professionals in person. Helping friends professionally is also a goal.Kelvin (KC) Claveria
.@kcclaveria What piece of advice would you give other people on social media? #SFUB2BSFU Career Services
@SFU_Career Top 3 tips: think before you tweet, use hootsuite to find local job openings, complement social media w/ offline networking.Kelvin (KC) Claveria
.@kcclaveria How have you implemented social media in your workplace? #SFUB2BSFU Career Services
.@kcclaveria What's the best way to grab an employer's attention on social media? #SFUB2BSFU Career Services
@SFU_Career Have a unique voice. Be selective with what articles you share. Also, create your own content -- show that you know your stuff!Kelvin (KC) Claveria

Posted on February 27, 2013