“Volunteering is alive and well in Canada” – Metro News

“Volunteering is alive and well in Canada” – Metro News

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‘There is definitely a role for you’

Rafael Brusilow, reporting for Metro Canada in the March 2nd issue, spoke to a variety of volunteer “experts” across Canada to find out about current trends in volunteering. Shirley Weir, communications director for Volunteer Vancouver, says the stats show that volunteers abound in Canada.

“Many stories we read give us the impression that there aren’t enough volunteers, but there are plenty of people who are passionate about causes and want to give back their career skills and expertise to their community,” Weir said.

Do you believe that “there is definitely a role for you”? What have been your successes and challenges in finding suitable volunteer positions? Read the full article here. Also in this week’s Metro:

Posted on March 04, 2009