3 Resources to Change the World

3 Resources to Change the World

By: Celine Diaz
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So many of us are plagued with the feeling of powerlessness – the inability to make a difference in this world.

Hence, I’m here to clarify a single truth: you and I are powerful. Our actions do make a difference. And we have all the resources to do it.

Our resources are the 3 T’s:

1. Treasures

2. Talent

3. Time

Not one person is exempt from these resources – we all have them. And utilizing them will transform the community around us. Let me explain in detail.

Resource #1: Treasure

Treasures include money, clothing, and food – things that belong to us and can be shared with others for the greater good.

What seems like  typical acts of charity are actually a powerful way to serve the needy. So don’t ever think that small acts of sharing your treasures amount to nothing huge, because they do. The effects echo tenfold.

Resource #2: Talent

So maybe you’re drowning in student debt and you don’t have spare change to donate to charity. Fear not!  Talent is a resource that has nothing to do with material wealth, and when utilized, can change lives.

For example:

●  If you are a human calculator, tutor a friend who struggles with math

●  If you love dancing, teach a free dance workshop for underprivileged children

●  If you are humorous, brighten up someone’s day

Your talents are key to becoming positive influence. So don’t complain that you have none, because everyone – yes, everyone – was born with talent.

Resource #3: Time

Time is the most overlooked, yet generous resource of all – and absolutely no one can complain that they don’t have it as a resource to give.

The tricky thing about time, setting it apart from treasures and talents, is this:  It can never be taken back. Ever.

Thus, giving a chunk of our time to another – whether it’s volunteering at a children’s hospital, or simply listening to a friend vent – has enormous power to change people’s lives: it let’s them know they are cared for. Perhaps even that is enough.

So when you are tempted to feel powerless, remember that you are equiped with the 3 T’s: treasures, talents, and time.  These resources are all you need to change the world.

Go ahead. Change it.

Got any ideas on how you can use talents, treasures, and time to enhance our community? Leave a comment!

By Celine Diaz

Posted on April 15, 2012