5 Benefits of Joining an Executive Board

5 Benefits of Joining an Executive Board

By: Micaela Evans
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As a student, there are many ways to get involved. If you keep looking for new experiences, it’s possible to find opportunities that grow both your resume and yourself as a person.

One option many people often overlook, is getting involved on executive boards. Executive boards are an integral part of running many organizations – whether it’s an SFU club or an off-the-mountain organization or charity. All these different organizations need executive boards to keep them going and moving forwards, and they are a great opportunity for students to learn many key professional skills.

1. Leadership

Joining an executive board brings many opportunities for leadership. No matter what your role is, you have to take initiative to accomplish different tasks and events. Sometimes this may mean taking the lead, doing public speaking, or event management. Any leadership position is also looked upon highly by employers.

2. Hands-on Experience

While contributing to a club or organization, you have the chance to gain valuable hands-on experience. Whether it’s accomplishing something big, or trying something new, you get to do so much that you wouldn’t have done otherwise. This type of volunteering – learning while doing, can often prepare you for the types of work you’d do in a paid position.

3. Responsibility

As part of an executive board, you learn just how vital it is to stick to your word and stay accountable to yourself and to others. When working with other people, you quickly learn you have to stick to the things you say you’ll do, as well as strict guidelines or due dates. Others are relying on you, and this creates a great sense of responsibility and professionalism within your work.

4. Understanding Group Dynamics

Roles such as these give you a great opportunity to understand group dynamics. Groups may mesh well, or other times you may have to work with people who don’t work well with others. Either way, it’s a great learning experience to understand the many types of people you will have to work alongside throughout your University and professional life, and you can learn where you fit in different group situations.

5. Community & Connections

Being part of something bigger than yourself gives you a greater sense of community. Perhaps you’re a go-getter who is involved in many different things, or perhaps you’ve never found somewhere that felt like a perfect fit. Either way, putting yourself out there by taking on an executive position gives you a chance to find a place where you belong, and gives you the opportunity to make valuable connections in industries you may be interested in working in one day. 

Overall, there is much to be gained from different avenues of volunteering, and being on an executive board is one of many ways to get involved and grow your personal and professional self. 


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Micaela Evans is a second year student working towards a double major in Communications and Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies. She is passionate about connecting with people and creating words with weight. When she’s not studying and writing papers, you can find her writing for her creative blog at www.cobblestonehearts.com, and tweeting under @MissMici13.

Posted on March 02, 2015