Back Again

Back Again

By: Selva Bayat
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So, here we go, the start to a new year, fall 2012. The scent of sharpened pencils and caffeine in the air is almost tangible. Yet, even though we are all sleep-deprived and stressed after merely a week of school, it’s the fall semester. The big one really. It doesn’t matter what you were doing this last summer, how tired you are of all the obligations and responsibilities you still had to face every day at a summer job or even better (you guessed it) the summer semester, it’s the fall semester now. Maybe it’s that it seems more official somehow because we have all slaved through 18 years of schooling prior to SFU and gotten used to new backpacks and notebooks for the fall, but this is the semester where the excitement in the air is almost infectious. We whine and groan about 8:30 tutorial sessions in the first week, but after four months of no adrenaline pumped into our systems by the constant fear of our respected monster courses (not to name anything but maybe something organic?) we realize that there truly is a flip side to fear, excitement.

Excited to be back, and hopefully you’ve had the chance to share this with the rest of us at SFU. And yes, what better way to share the excitement than to roam around campus and look at all the different opportunities to join a club that helps you stay on track this semester! There are so many wonderful opportunities to volunteer, like the Beneath One Sky club. Or maybe you’re looking for a way to get involved in a more global way, have debates about worldwide news? If so then make sure to check out SFU’s Model United Nations! How about something even more low-key? Maybe you just want to join a club that will help you with your studies, perhaps if you’re in the faculty of sciences you should check out SFU Science Connection. Wait a second, maybe you even want to forget about school for a while and join a club that interests your cultural background, then maybe you should have a look here. How about blowing off some steam and getting rid of all that stress by making sure you’re getting your exercise

So, have you found something that has gotten your attention? Are you there yet? If not, please go out and have a look, and really, good luck with that Organic Chemistry!  There’s still time to register for all these clubs and more.


Selva B.

Photo Credit (From left to right): Michal Jurkowski, Nell Jones, Jessica Parker, Barbara Szymczyk, Vanessa Zarbl, Glenn Yoon

selvaSelva Bayat has been writing for SFU Engage since her first year at SFU! She is in the faculty of Health Sciences, and enjoys the opportunity to relate health related post to course work. She's also dabbled into playwriting, short stories, and of course the ultimate goal of anyone who’s been a life-time bookworm: a personal novel. She's found her time with SFU Enage to be tremendously rewarding and welcomes feedback to any posts or suggestions for future topics. You can contact her at

Posted on September 17, 2012