Become a CJSF Volunteer!

Become a CJSF Volunteer!

By: Sabrina Azaria
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If you’ve spent at least a few days studying and taking classes on the Burnaby campus, you must have noticed SFU’s own radio station, CJSF, which has been operating ever since the 1970s. It’s situated just above the Traffic and Security Information Center, and you can’t miss it if you walk around the West Mall Complex and the Convocation Mall. You may have also noticed a speaker outside the station that broadcasts CJSF’s programs – the radio operates every day of the week between 8AM and 2AM. Assuming you’ve noticed the station, have you ever wondered whether you could volunteer for the radio? Last time I checked, CJSF had a poster just outside of their station that outlined the  steps to becoming a volunteer. But if you’ve missed it and are now wondering about volunteer opportunities at the station, read on!

According to CJSF’s website, the radio broadcasts from the Burnaby mountain campus to most of Greater Vancouver, from Langley to Point Grey,  even reaching the US border. It strives to provide alternative points of view from those expressed by mainstream media, which includes music outside of the “top 40” and news that is not reported by big media outlets. If you think this is awesome for you, check this out: CJSF is run by a small paid staff, several volunteer department coordinators, and over 150 general volunteers. It welcomes new volunteers, especially those who are interested in non-commercial media, to participate in the station as a programmer, department assistant, interviewer, reviewer or a member of one of their spoken word collectives.

Specifically, there are a number of ways in which you can volunteer and get active at CJSF. The station has several departments, and each needs help from awesome and passionate volunteers like you. In the Arts & Entertainment department, for example, you can volunteer to write reviews and conduct interviews. In the Music department, meanwhile, you can do library work, acquire music, compile charts, and much more. Other departments include Public Affairs, Programming, Public Relations, Production and Volunteer (the last is where you volunteer to help volunteers!). Sounds exciting! Now how do you get involved and become a volunteer?

According to the CJSF website, the Volunteer Department can assist new volunteers in finding the perfect volunteering opportunity for each person. You can contact Magnus Thyvoid by phone (778-782-3727) or by email ( You can also drop by the station (located at TC 216) for orientation sessions, where you will get a station tour and learn all about CJSF. Station orientations are held the first Tuesday of each month at 4PM, the second Friday of each month at 3PM, the third Thursday of each month at 4PM, and the fourth Thursday of each month at 6.30PM. For more information please visit CJSF website at

Posted on May 14, 2013