Canucks Round 1, Game 7, 2011 Playoffs

Canucks Round 1, Game 7, 2011 Playoffs

By: Chris Ng
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VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Alex Burrows scored his second goal 5:22 into overtime, and the Canucks avoided a historic playoff meltdown by finally getting the best of Chicago with a 2-1 win on Tuesday night (April 26).

To what many will attribute as the turning point for the Canucks in their quest for the Stanley Cup, I ascribe this night as the eventide where teamwork, sacrifice and relentless commitment brought the interests of the team into light.

Teamwork, sacrifice and commitment. This trifecta of characteristics is also the foundation of a “Burrows-like” volunteer. Like the Canucks, as a volunteer you face adversity with widespread apathy and neglect. But like the singular yet team-minded actions of the team, through it all with the help of others, we can achieve our goals as well. The set up by Kesler for Burrows’ first goal, the stops by Bobby Lu, the PKs were all examples of that.

Volunteering has its PK moments as well such as giving up time with friends to honour your commitment or getting your hands dirty to help a cause, however like the Canucks, reward is only a game away (after building a 3-0 lead). You too can reap rewards from volunteering (after taking the first step by starting). Being civically engaged allows you to see opportunities you may not have even dared to consider before. Along with the networks and connections you accumulate along the way, there lies a dream of fulfilling your aspirations.

As with the Canucks, this is merely round 1 and the Stanley Cup awaits in 12 more games ahead. Volunteering is just a step in reaping the eventual payoff that is realizing your hankering for a world with equality between sexes or free of impoverished children or clean and green. The Stanley Cup awaits the Canucks, what awaits you?

By Chris Ng

Posted on April 27, 2011