Celebrate, Remember, and Fight Back! — Relay for Life 2012

Celebrate, Remember, and Fight Back! — Relay for Life 2012

By: Megan Mulder
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What is a relay?

A relay can be a race of sorts, where groups of people get together and each person runs a specified time or portion of the course. It’s a team effort where you work with others in order to complete a task you couldn’t do by yourself, enabling you to go farther, faster, or longer.

But a relay can also be the act of passing a message on from one person to another. It can be a life-giving message, in some cases. A message of hope. Of vital information. It’s the way news travels from person to person, in little snippets—Did you hear about…?—and the way small stories gain wide audiences and sometimes initiate amazing change.

This year, you can be a part of a physical relay—running with a team to raise money for cancer research—and part of a figurative relay—passing on the story of hope for cancer patients and survivors.

The idea is simple. Get a team together, register for the SFU Relay for Life by March 15th by visiting this site, and take part in the relay with your team between 7 PM and 7 AM on March 23 and 24.

All across Canada, other communities will be holding their own relays, and each event will feature a celebration where cancer survivors open the night with a victory lap, a time of remembering where lanterns are lit to pay tribute to those lost to cancer, and a ceremony where participants pledge to fight back in a number of ways.

The idea is simple, as brilliant ideas often are: get people together to fight a common enemy, and wait for the spectacular results. Let’s not wait in vain—now is your chance to put your name down in the history books as one of those who helped to eradicate cancer. Sign up for the Relay for Life today.

Posted on March 08, 2012