Community Within Campus: The SFU Women’s Centre

Community Within Campus: The SFU Women’s Centre

By: Erika Dee
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For the last 3 years, I have been actively involved with the SFU Women’s Centre. The SFU Women’s Centre is a constituency of the SFSS and caters to a large demographic of the campus population. While the name suggests it is exclusively a females-only area, there are ways for self-identified males to be able to contribute. We have a five point mandate in our centre: we are a pro-feminist, pro-sex, trans and intersex inclusive, anti-racist, and pro-choice area on campus. Our space is divided into two: the first is the self-identified women’s lounge with a fully working kitchen and living area and the second is a resource space and library that all genders are welcome to enter.

Some of the ways people have gotten involved with the Women’s Centre is through volunteering for the many events it throws on campus. An incredibly popular event that frequently occurs is the pancake breakfast and open house, free for all genders to attend and volunteer. That’s right – free pancakes!

They have also done various student parent events to support student parents of all genders with fun activities like Hallowe’en drop-ins and piñata making. Other activities the Women’s Centre has done include weekly knitting, tea parties and gardening. Moreover, they are always looking for people of all genders to help support the resource library. Would you believe that the Women’s Centre has thousands of books inside of it? No? Well, you better come check it out!

Not only that, but they provide a lot of support for students for projects but they are also there to listen. There have been a myriad of people, of all genders and identities, who have turned to the Women’s Centre for support on a lot of issues. Whether its support on projects or folks are looking for company, the Women’s Centre is always open to SFU students.

What is really exciting is that this year (2014) marks the fortieth anniversary of the SFU Women’s Centre. Moreover, in March, we hold so many different events to celebrate International Women’s Day. Again, we are always looking for passionate folks to attend these events or even volunteer! There are so many awesome ways to get involved.

My experience as a volunteer for the Women’s Centre has been amazing. I have sat on Collective, the decision making body of the Women’s Centre, for the past few years. In the Collective, we plan major events – like the pancake breakfast, the student parents event, and the various workshops and forums we have held. Moreover, I am an events volunteer so I provide my time and energy to help flip pancakes or help paper mache a piñata. The various experiences I have had within the Women’s Centre have definitely helped me to develop my skills.

Needless to say, the last three years have been a lot of fun and have been very interesting. I am really happy to write about the Women’s Centre because of all the great experiences I have had inside the space.

Come check us out in the Rotunda, room TC3013! 

Posted on February 28, 2014