Engaged Student of the Week: Hannah Seraphim

Engaged Student of the Week: Hannah Seraphim

By: Donya Jalali
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The Engagement Peers would like to introduce the second Student Of The Week who has demonstrated how important and awesome it is to get engaged on campus!

This week’s Students Of The Week is Hannah Seraphim.

Studies: Year 4 Communications Major and Publishing minor


  • Co-op student

  • Participated in SFU’s Global Partnering System and did an exchange to the University of Bath in the UK

  • Event coordinator and co-host of ‘Talk the Walk’

We asked Hannah a few questions about how she stays engaged at SFU and now we would like to share her responses with you!

Q. How are you "engaged"?

A. I am a fourth year Communication major and Publishing minor co-operative education student. I was the event coordinator and co-host of 'Talk the Walk' in Spring 2012. This event was for SFU Communication and Marketing-stream Business students to network with the top-12 strategic communication professionals in Vancouver. I have also participated in SFU's Global Partnering System as I did exchange at the University of Bath. I wanted to help exchange students coming to SFU with the transition of moving to a new city and meeting locals.

Q. What is your favorite part of being "engaged"? What are you gaining from it?

A. My favorite part about being "engaged" is the experience I can take with me after I graduate. By being engaged at SFU, I have met amazing people that share the same interests as me and I have a more confident outlook on my future knowing that I have life and work experience to add to any challenge coming my way.

Q. What advice would you give to students who want to become "engaged"?

A. The advice that I would give to students who want to become "engaged" is look into what you are interested in and see how you can get involved. If there is something that you want to do that has not yet been done at SFU, contact the right people and make it possible. There is so much support within the SFU community with peers, professors, and SFU staff.  It is very possible to turn your ambitions into reality!

Hannah has taken her education to a whole new level by gaining experience outside of the classroom and in another country. She has been able to use her education to help her interact with other people in her field. We encourage you to do the same! And if you already are engaged and would like to be a Student Of The Week then email us (engmt-peers@sfu.ca) and share your SFU story!

Posted on March 20, 2013