Engaging with OpenMedia.ca

Engaging with OpenMedia.ca

By: Camille Crowther
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1) What is OpenMedia.ca?

OpenMedia.ca is a Canadian non-partisan, not-for-profit organization which works to safeguard the possibilities of having an open and affordable Internet. We want to engage, educate, and empower people on all issues relating to safeguarding these possibilities.

2) This organization has lots of campaigns. What is an example of one?

One of our most successful campaigns is Demand Choice. This campaign addresses Canada’s Big Telecom giants, and the lack of choice for Canadians when it comes to telecom providers. It is through this campaign that we advocate for Canadians to have more affordable rates, as well as to have more variety in choosing a telecom provider.

3) What different volunteer opportunities are available at OpenMedia.ca?

Right now, OpenMedia.ca is looking for more volunteers to join our Digital Action Team. Being a part of this team can include helping out with graphic design, web development, or even sharing campaign updates on your social media feeds. Those interested can visit www.openmedia.ca/team for more information. If the Digital Action Team does not pique your interest, however, you are encouraged to keep checking www.openmedia.ca/work for other posted opportunities.

4) What kinds of volunteers is this organization looking for?

An OpenMedia.ca volunteer may have a passion for, or is interested in, issues that surround the Internet. This volunteer may also be interested in communication in the digital age, and how that is affecting Canada’s communication systems. Maybe this volunteer is also worried about the control that telecom providers have in Canada, and want to flip that control over to Canadians. This is a not-for-profit organization, so we are always looking for individuals who are passionate about advocating for their community.

5) What does the word ‘engage’ mean to OpenMedia.ca?

Engagement is at the core of OpenMedia.ca’s work- we wouldn't be able to do any of the work we do in trying to make Canada’s communication systems more open and affordable if it weren't for our community. We believe that Canada’s communication systems need to be shaped by Canadians themselves, and we value putting their input at the forefront of our work. 

Photo courtesy of OpenMedia.ca

Posted on February 03, 2014