Game On! Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver

Game On! Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver

By: Chris Gal-lang
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In the frenzied and ever-changing life of a student, it is often difficult to come across volunteer opportunities that exercise one’s mental, physical, and spiritual capacities all at once.  Sometimes, we are just too lazy to seek such opportunities.  Sometimes, we are just too tired.  And other times, we just don’t know where to begin.  We are left, then, to partake in activities that develop only incomplete fractions of the mind, body, and soul.  To live in this way, and to strive for nothing more, is to live broken, divided, and unbalanced.  Here, it is in fragments that we exist.

But in these moments of confusion, and internal disproportion, we must demand something far greater of ourselves.  We must chase after and grab hold of every opportunity that allows us to develop, expand, and grow holistically.  In essence, we must recognize our chances.  And fortunately, that chance is here.  Check out Game On!, an exciting new program offered by Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver.

The goal of Game On! is to provide adolescent males with the space and opportunity to improve their self-esteem, work on their communication skills, and to discuss the importance of healthy and active living. Through progressive policies, particularly focused on three themes—nutrition, self-esteem/communication, and physical activity—the program is driven to support young males make healthy decisions that will last them a lifetime.

Mentors for Game On! should be comfortable facilitating a group of ten, have the ability to get creative with program modules, and should have a clear understanding of how to promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  No matter what academic faculty you study in, Game On! can help you improve work-related skills, allows you to stay active, and puts you into situations to provide compassion and empathy.

If you’re ready to get involved with the program, contact Rose Baraty at 604-876-2447 EXT 236.  After an initial screening, Rose will send for three references and a complete criminal record check.  From there, an interview will be scheduled with Mentoring Coordinator, Matthew Vlasic.  If an applicant makes it past the interview, they will then begin attending training sessions for the program.  Upon successful completion of training, new mentors will then be ready to start facilitating with another volunteer at a Boys and Girls Club in either Vancouver or Coquitlam.  Strive for something great, get involved, and apply now!

Recognize your chances.

Check back in a few weeks for an in-depth look at one student’s experience volunteering for Game On!

Posted on February 07, 2012