Get involved with and help build a New Media Ecology!

Get involved with and help build a New Media Ecology!

By: Flavia Kajoba
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“ is a national, non-partisan, non-profit organization working to advance and support an open and innovative communications system in Canada.” –

Formally called The Campaign for Democratic Media, is a project run by The Center for Information Awareness.  The goal of the project is to increase awareness and participation in Canadian media, via the education of high school and university students, engagement through online campaigns and participatory events, and empowerment using online tools and open processes. operates under the following five principles where you will have the opportunity to help make happen by getting involved:

• The endorsement of equal access to high-speed, world-class communications and media infrastructure for all citizens in Canada.  In order to achieve this, media, telecommunications and information policy in Canada should be more transparent, with broader and more representative public participation.

• The sponsorship of real choice and diverse options when it comes to news, online content and Internet service providers.  Citizens need access to media literacy, knowledge and media production programs, in order to ensure an informed choice.

• Campaigning for a media ecology and policy framework that promotes diversity and provides cultural support for creators, media workers, citizen producers and consumers.  The formation of an open, non-discriminatory Internet is first needed, in order to ensure more diverse content and voices.

• The advocacy of a Canadian media system and digital infrastructure that drives innovation at all levels (social, media-related, and economic).  In order for the Internet to serve as an engine for Canada’s innovation economy, it should continue to foster free expression, entrepreneurship and the spread of new ideas.

• The promotion of an open and democratic media system.  Net Neutrality rules would ensure that Canadian Internet users have open access to the applications and content of their choice.  Another step would be to adopt open standards for the other forms of media as well. is involved with various media organizations, such as the BC Association for Media Education and Democracy Watch.  It is also the primary organization behind the provocative coalition and the Fresh Media initiative.  They have many volunteer opportunities for volunteer organizers seeking collaboration and leadership development.

Right now they are looking for an SFU Club Coordinator and an Video Producer. You can help influence telecommunication and cultural policy-making in Canada by getting involved with!

For more information, visit their website or look them up on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Flickr.  If you are interested, apply for these volunteer positions by e-mailing

By Flavia Kajoba

Posted on May 05, 2010