Getting Experience through Volunteering

Getting Experience through Volunteering

By: Rebekah Abebe
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It can be difficult to find jobs when you do not have work experience. I think it is safe to say that in every interview the employer will ask the question “Do you have experience in……?” or “Do you have experience with…..?”. If you do not have work experience or you are having a difficult time finding work experience then I recommend volunteering.

Recently, I was interviewed for a job as a Special Education Assistant. The second question I was asked was “Do you have experience working with children?” If I had interpreted the word “working” as paid work then I could have easily lost my momentum in the interview by saying no. Fortunately, I focused on the word “experience” when answering the question. I had experience working with children through volunteering.

I found it interesting that even though the employer had already read my resume and cover letter in which I provided several examples of working with children, I was still asked the question “Do you have experience working with children?” I believe I was asked this question as a sort of test to see how I defined my experience in relation to the job verbally. The difference between explaining yourself on paper and verbally is that you can not delete what you have said or start again without losing your edge. It becomes even more important to remind yourself of the benefits of each volunteer experience so that when asked the question “Do you have experience in….?” you will have an adequate answer.

Posted on June 17, 2013