Getting Started with Involvement: A Guide to Finding Volunteer Opportunities Through SFU

Getting Started with Involvement: A Guide to Finding Volunteer Opportunities Through SFU

By: Kerri Jesson
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Like many students you may be eager to volunteer your time, yet finding exactly where to volunteer can be quite the challenge. The great thing about being an SFU student is that there are many volunteer opportunities waiting for you – but you just need to know where to look!

First, you should take advantage of the access you have to Symplicity. Once you log in, click on “jobs and opportunities” found at the top of the screen. Here, you are provided with a wide variety of volunteer, as well as paid work experiences. This site is regularly updated with new job postings so check back daily to ensure you don’t miss out.

Second, be sure to check out myInvolvement. It’s an amazing site that not only allows you to find events to volunteer at, but also provides you with information on personal development training which could be useful for certain volunteer positions you take. While writing this blog I explored the website for myself for the first time – and I can’t wait to use it (Haha!). Once you get to the myInvolvement site, click on “Students” at the top of the webpage. Once on this new webpage, under “Quick Links” on the left-hand side, click on “Search Opportunities,” and then “Getting Involved” to see more volunteer opportunities! Or, click on “Personal Development Training” to view upcoming training sessions!

Phew! Now that we have covered the two basic online areas to search for volunteer opportunities through SFU, it’s time we look at other areas around campus where these volunteer opportunities appear to be hiding.

Next, you could try looking at the notice boards posted around campus. Here, there may be postings for internal and external volunteer opportunities. For example, check the notice boards outside of the Mackenzie Cafe, or on the walls of the West Mall Complex hallways.

Still haven’t found anything that peaks your interest? You could always explore opportunities with organizations on campus by contacting them directly. These include (but are certainly not limited to):

Kerri is currently in her second year at SFU and working toward her degree in Business. Through her posts on the ENGAGE blog she hopes to inspire other students to take initiative and become engaged, both at SFU and within their communities.

Posted on January 09, 2013