A web resource for off campus opportunities A web resource for off campus opportunities

By: Laura Thornborough
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For access to a variety of off campus volunteer opportunities that fit your needs and schedule, go to While SFU’s Symplicity posting system posts off campus opportunities, it focuses on volunteer positions that are connected to skill development or an academic discipline., on the otherhand, includes everything from long term opportunities to short term event volunteer positions.

You can browse through the different volunteer opportunities based on activity, organization, location, or event and then look at the broken down details of those opportunities; whether they are long-term or short-term, daily, on weekends, or for special events and what part of Metro Vancouver the position is located in.

The website is extremely easy to use and has a vast amount of opportunities that are tailored to the needs and the schedules of those looking to volunteer. is provided by Volunteer Vancouver and is the hub for volunteer centres throughout BC because of its ease of use, number of hits (3,000,000 since 2008) and because nonproftit organizations increase their ability to find volunteers using this website.

The tagline on is “Follow your passion… Build your network… Give to your community… govolunteer!”, which really describes the goal of all volunteers and also the rewards that volunteering encompasses. Check it out!

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Other resources:

Symplicity (for off campus skilled volunteer roles) (for off campus event volunteering)

- By Laura Thornborough

Posted on August 14, 2009