Green: the makeup shade for all complexions

Green: the makeup shade for all complexions

By: Rya Kobewka
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Before I returned to school as a student I spent some time in the makeup industry.  It was a job with great perks (discounts ahoy) and my makeup kit was always full with the latest products.  However, I have somewhat fallen out of love with a lot of the current brands on the market due to their lack of commitment to green sustainability and natural products.  Like most people I want to know that what I’m applying on my face isn’t full of potentially harmful toxins or chemicals.  So next time your wandering the aisles of your local Sephora or Shoppers Drugmart, here are some great eco-friendly products to keep in mind.

1) When buying nail polish always avoid the ‘the big three’ Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, and Toluene.  Fortunately more and more polishes are starting to remove these harmful ingredients.  One of the most popular is made by Priti NYC.  They are cruelty free, organic and the bottles can be recycled back to the company.  A more local option is Superstores Joe Fresh nail polish.  Their nail polish line offers fun seasonal colours and is a great big three free alternative at a bargain price.

2) Any time you have nail polish you also need remover, unfortunately finding nail polish remover without acetone is almost impossible.  PeaceKeepers Cosmetics offers an eco-friendly vegan alternative to regular nail polish remover.  Make out of natural sugars and ingredients this is a great option to remove your chipped polish.

3) Josie Maran has a makeup line that is all about making green glamorous, just what every girl wants to hear.  Her mascara is a great option as it is recyclable and toxin free.  Further for each tube of mascara purchased Maran will donate one tube to a survivor from the City of Hope, a cancer foundation working towards a cure.

4) One of my favourite lines Cargo offers an extensive eco-friendly option in their line PlantLove.  The products are great, and the packaging is even better.  One of my favourite options from PlantLove is their lipstick which is offered in a wide array of shades.  Instead of plastic lipstick tubes, PlantLove has created lipstick tubes made out of corn!   Not only that, but the paper packaging is full of flower seeds so you can literally plant your empty makeup containers.

These are just a few of so many great options available today.  So for the sake of your skin and health as well as the planet, be diligent about checking labels.  If you’re looking for more suggestions spend some time online as there are a wide variety of great green friendly makeup blogs to help transform your makeup bag.

By Rya Kobewka

Posted on May 11, 2011