Help create a public space for all

Help create a public space for all

By: Jamal Saad
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Vancouver is indeed a great place to live. However, sometimes one might feel lonely. The only way to communicate with like-minded individuals seems to be restricted to cyberspace. The Vancouver Public Space Network works to fix urban alienation. Formed in 2006, this grassroots organization has evolved from a collective of a few dozen individuals with similar ambitions to over a thousand members.

The group’s main concerns are the increasingly blurred boundaries between the public and the private spaces. That is seen through increased corporate presence in the city’s parks, beaches, squares and skyline. Public institutions are increasingly targeted by advertisers in our beautiful city. Be it buses, schools or arts centers. The Vancouver Public Space Network seems to peacefully and creatively decrease corporate influence in public places and finding ways to re-greening the urban landscape. It is a group committed to ensuring that public squares remain as places for people to meet and address important social issues away from the gaze of distracting advertising billboards.

Do you want to help out? The Vancouver Public Space Network is an organization that is always seeking volunteers and participants. To find out more about how you can get involved, visit

By Jamal Saad

Posted on May 19, 2010