Help Get SFU Moving: Volunteer With SFU Recreation!

Help Get SFU Moving: Volunteer With SFU Recreation!

By: Cadence Sun
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Join the SFU Recreation team and become a Fitness Assistant! This volunteer position is a great way to build transferable skills and get started in the industry. The SFU Fitness Centre is hiring Weight Room Supervisors and One-on-One trainers and Fitness Assistant. These positions are part of a leadership program and include goal setting, and professional development activities.

The three main components of the positions are:

1. Being first point of contact in the Fitness Centre, greeting members, providing Orientations, monitoring memberships and providing excellent customer service.

2. On-site management of Group Fitness classes, including membership & registration, class set-up and program statistics.

3. Fitness program supports according to personal goals. This may include creation of health educational materials, promotion of SFU Rec at events, fitness-related research, admin support, marketing, assisting with fitness classes, etc.

Fitness Assistants will:

1. Gain insight into the fitness industry and operational side of the SFU Fitness Centre.

2. Be a part of a larger leadership program including goal setting and professional development.

3. Increase their knowledge about personal health and physical wellbeing through our structured mentorship program and guided discussion.

4. Assist the Weight room supervisor in risk management and administration.

5. Assist the Group Fitness Instructor in setting up for their class and managing attendance.

If you are SFU students with minimum 2 semesters left before graduation, come and join the Fitness Assistant team! Let’s participate and contribute to the SFU Recreation community! For more information please check here.

Posted on March 31, 2014