How The City Of Surrey's Volunteer Program Can Help You!

How The City Of Surrey's Volunteer Program Can Help You!

By: Kim Huynh
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“CPR and First Aid certified”

“Food Safe Level 1 – Completed”

The above are only a couple of the many skills that some university students may desire to have on their résumés - but don’t. The reason? In order to claim such skills, you usually have to complete a workshop or course of some sort. Since many of us are on tight student budgets, we may find that we simply do not have enough to pay for these often pricey workshops. However, there is a way to complete these workshops for a discounted price. The catch? You need to be a City of Surrey volunteer.

The City of Surrey offers a Volunteer Development Program to all of its approved volunteers. The city strives to give its volunteers a range of affordable workshops to help develop both their personal and professional skills whilst being able to build their résumés – both via the completion of workshops and volunteer hours. In addition, if you complete three or more Volunteer Development workshops and 14 hours of volunteer experience with the City of Surrey, you are eligible to apply for a Volunteer Development Program certificate.

At this point, you should be thinking that, “Wow, this sounds great! I want to become a City of Surrey volunteer!” but you aren’t quite sure how. . .

No need to fear, the following link outlines the City of Surrey volunteer application process:

If you are already a City of Surrey volunteer and want to find out more about the workshops that you are eligible in applying for at a discounted price, check out the following link:

Posted on February 14, 2014