Inside the Big Fair

Inside the Big Fair

By: Manisha Dutta | Director of External Relations, AIESEC Simon Fraser University
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Over the days of September 17-20 Simon Fraser University was host to its annual Big Fair event. Ranging across two campuses and with a variety of exhibitors and organizations, the Big Fair is presented by SFU Career Services and AIESEC SFU, and provides students with a direct opportunity to engage with potential employers. With over 3000 alumni and students attending the Big Fair, it aims to cover all aspects of student opportunities by combining three fairs into one --- the Career Fair, the Graduate Fair, and the Community Engagement and Volunteer Fair.

Louisa Olar, an AIESEC SFU intern from Romania, had the pleasure of working alongside SFU Career Services as the Big Fair Project Coordinator. ``My role is really focused with engaging all the parties involved in the fair – such as the exhibitors, student ambassadors, and pretty much setting up everything you see here today.” As a recent graduate, Louisa discussed the endless opportunities available at the Fair to students who are unsure of what lies ahead after graduation. “If you don’t have a plan, you don’t need one; the aim of the Big Fair is to allow students to explore their potential opportunities as much as possible. Students can get in touch, network, and build relations with the organizations here while adding on to their theoretical knowledge.” 

Jonathan Lee, a third year Business major, gained a first-hand experience with companies he soon hopes to work for. “I really learned a lot at the Big Fair. Getting advice and tips from the companies that are usually intimidating and unattainable was really insightful. ”

Louisa emphasized the importance of having events like this on campuses as it benefits all parties involved. “It really is a win-win situation. Firstly, the employers and companies get the opportunity to gain visibility in front of students. Secondly, the students are able to get in touch and network with employers. Whether it is a company, grad school, or a volunteer organization, students can understand what kind of experiences and opportunities they can build with them.” 

SFU Career Services and AIESEC SFU will be organizing ‘The Big Fair’ again next year, hopefully with a larger turn out of students and volunteers. If you are looking for that opportunity to get connected with your future, contact your Career Services representative today!

By: Manisha Dutta 

Posted on October 12, 2012