Interview with Abby on the “Agape Walk”

Interview with Abby on the “Agape Walk”

By: Celine Diaz
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The Agape Street Ministry regularly hosts “Agape Walks”, where volunteers give candy bags to women living on the streets of Vancouver and Surrey.

Below is a Q&A session with Abby, a first year SFU student who has personally undergone the “Agape Walk” and found it extremely rewarding.


Question:  “What impact do you think the Agape Walk has on the women you serve?”

Response:  “It shows these women that people are genuinely interested in who they are, rather than just what they do. Quite simply, it gives them someone to talk to, someone who cares.”

Question:  “How has the Agape Walk impacted you as a volunteer?”

Response:  “There’s this preconceived notion that speaking to street women is ‘scary’ – but the Agape Walk taught me that these women are equal instead. The experience made me feel very open – I felt very vulnerable letting down my guard to speak to them – but it affirmed me that I have something positive to offer to others. In that sense, it’s made me more confident.”

Question:  “Would you recommend the Agape Walk to others? Why or why not?”

Response:  “Yes, I definitely recommend it to others. What makes the Agape Walk different from other volunteer experiences is that it’s very personal – you have the opportunity to directly speak to the women as you give them candy bags, unlike making sandwiches in the soup kitchen, for example. When helping these women, you witness their true beauty, because they’re fighting to be happy, even if they’re in a bad position in life. It’s truly something we all need to experience.”


After interviewing Abby about the Agape Walk, it made me realize how beautiful of an experience it is, and have certainly added it to my “To-Do” List.

If you are also interested in taking part in the Agape Walk, simply call 604-375-4847.  For more information, check out their website.

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By Celine Diaz

Posted on October 06, 2011