It Is Time For Us To Prove Ourselves!

It Is Time For Us To Prove Ourselves!

By: Rui Wang
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As far as I know, lots of International Chinese students want to find local volunteer positions. But some of them are worried about whether they are qualified for some volunteer positions because of challenges speaking English. I would recommend the Love and Light Home as a good start for these International Chinese students to volunteer.

Firstly, lots of Chinese students are worried whether they can find volunteer positions off-campus because of difficulties speaking English. In the Love and Light home, most of the coordinators there can speak both Mandarin and Cantonese, so there is no need for Chinese volunteers to worry about whether they can communicate with coordinators in the organization. Although lots of Chinese students prefer volunteer positions that can provide them chances to communicate with native English speakers to improve their English there are other options. In the Love and Light home, students can still make friends with volunteers who are English native speakers with a Chinese background.

Secondly, being able to speak Chinese can be an asset when volunteering. Lots of International Chinese students, as well as other students, are worried about whether the knowledge they learned in school can be applied for their future career. The Love and Light Home provides many volunteer positions, such as an ESL teacher. These positions can provide chances for Chinese students to make good use of what they learned about English and teach others. Some Chinese students may doubt whether they are qualified to be an ESL teacher because they grew up speaking Chinese rather than English. From my experience being an ESL volunteer there, some students prefer being taught English by Chinese speakers rather than native English speakers. Most of the students are Chinese seniors and they appreciate ESL teachers to explain grammar to them in Chinese. Otherwise, they have a harder time understanding.

Thirdly, it is time for Chinese International students to prove that they are strong and independent. Many people in China think that most of Chinese International students in Canada are spoiled kids in rich family and they cannot endure hardship. Love and Light Home provides chances for volunteers to go to Africa and help those people in need. There is an orphanage in Africa funded by Love and Light Home and volunteers can distribute donations and offer children education in orphanages. Chinese students can also apply these types of positions to other aspects of life. I think it is really a good opportunity for International students to challenge and prove themselves.

Love and light home is a good start for Chinese International students to accumulate their own volunteer experiences. In Love and light home, language is no longer a barrier for Chinese International students to volunteer in Vancouver. Besides it is good for Chinese students to add this volunteer experience to their resume for their future career and also enlarge their social network.

Posted on December 12, 2012